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Who am I?

Obviously I'm a big dork who doesn't have anything better to do with her life. Either that or I'm just totally obsessed with Jared Padalecki and I feel the need to enshrine myself in a site dedicated to him just to maintain sanity! Both statements are true although I prefer the latter to best describe my ...err, status. Either way, I'm undoubtedly a big Jared Padalecki fan. I'm somewhere in between obsessive mode and stalker-ville! LOL!

Well, to start off, let me introduce myself. I'm Koo-koo and I'm 17. I first saw Jared on Gilmore Girls and I immediately liked him. Well who wouldn't, with his floppy hair, tantalizing smile and dashing good looks? He has that sort of "prince charming" kind of look, doesn't he? Not the Cinderella one. The Sleeping Beauty one. 'Cause he could dance. Get it? Well of course I didn't just like Jared because of his good looks. I also think that he is very talented. He brings such charisma, charm and presence to Dean that I'm sure no other actor can. I can't help but feel endeared to Dean everytime I watch him. I'm sure that Jared will be very big in Hollywood very soon. I can't wait 'til he has his own starring role! I'm sure he'll wow the world with his talent and charm!

I've always liked Gilmore Girls (with its witty dialogue and endearing characters) but with Jared in the picture, I became instantly and insatiably fixated! I like the mother and daughter concept of the show. Add to that the lovable characters and comical yet brilliant quips, and you've got me hooked! Gilmore Girls is a great show. It's funny, it's heart wrenching, it's witty and it's something most people can relate to. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone.

Outside of Jared Padalecki, I don't seem to have much of a life! LOL! Just kidding (NOT!) Anyways, here's the rather unsavory details of my existence. Apart from Gilmore Girls, I also like to watch Dawson's Creek, Angel and Friends. Generally speaking, I like shows with a brilliant sense of humor and witty dialogues.

Music is a huge part of my life although I can't sing (believe me, if you've ever heard me sing, you'd beg me to shut up!) nor dance (Haha! don't even get me started with dancing! To say that I have 2 left feet is to say the least... yup, that's how bad I am!). I don't know anything about notes and octaves and stuff like. Heck! I don't even know the difference between alto and soprano! I'm no music expert but I do know what I want and if I like it, then it's good music!

I have an eclectic taste in music and my preference ranges from pop to rock. Although right now I'm leaning towards rock and alternative. I don't particularly like angry songs but there are a few out there which have caught my attention. I like songs which are fun, uplifting, has meaning & depth and something I can relate to. I listen to Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback, 9 Days, Puddle of Mudd, any band really as long as they make good music. My favorite band right now is The Calling. Why? Listen to their album and you'll find out! My favorite songs in there are Wherever You Will Go (I always get excited when I hear the intro), Could It Be Any Harder (I love the "fade away, fade away, fade away" part), Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way, Adrienne (I love the way Alex sings/ says "Adrienne") and Stigmatized (I love the tandandandan... yeah, I believe in you part. OK, you probably won't get what I mean by that but if you're a TC fan and you've got CP, you will...) I also love Alex Band's voice. It's sorta husky and rough without being overpowering and he's got a very good vocal range. He's also cute by the way!

Apart from degenerating my eye-sight in front of the computer everyday, I also love to bum around, watch TV, play video games, read... you know, the usual things couch potatoes do.

Well, that's about it. I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading about my oh-so-boring life. C'mon! You can stop stiffling your yawns now!