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Kelly's Encounters With Jared

encounter #1 - jan. 23, 2002 -- a walk to remember premiere This was my first time seeing Jared..I wasn't a fan of Gilmore Girls so I hadn't seen much on him. My friends and I were lucky enough to get into the actual premiere of "A Walk To Remember" and while waiting in the lobby area, Jared walked in. None of my friends had any idea who he was, but I recognized him from magazines and his first appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. He was so incredibly tall that when he walked by I was sorta in awe. I said "hello" to him as he walked by and he just smiled and said hi back. I fell in love at that moment and knew I had to see him again! He was wearing a dark shirt and grey sweater, his famous puka shells and his hair was flipped out instead of his normal hairstyle. I wasn't able to take any pictures with him but his pinup was actually in an issue of PopStar mag!

Encounter #2 - February 9, 2002 -- Hollywood Knights bball game @ Fontana High My friend Chrissy won V.I.P. passes to this celebrity basketball game so we were able to sit with the stars and go the after dinner party with them... One of my other friends, Will, was an extra on Gilmore Girls and became friends with Jared so as he was walking by, Will grabbed him and introduced us. I made a shirt for that game.. it was red w/ zebra trim and black and silver letters. The Knights' jerseys were the opposite colors, black w/ red and white letters. Jared and I took a picture during the game because we "matched" :) He was really friendly and during the half time autograph session, no one was really paying much attention to him. We talked about future Hollywood Knights games and I told him I wanted to talk more at the after party. I couldn't get enough of the guy.. he was sweet, adorable, caring, nice, tall, handsome, and the list is neverending. At the after party, I sat with my friends and Jared's table just *happened* to be next to ours. He sat with his friends Ryan Merriman and James Lafferty. The boys weren't talking to anyone so I pulled up a chair and made myself comfortable. I talked with Jared most of the time.. I'd say for 15-30 minutes. I took a picture of him for my friend who was a big fan of Gilmore Girls. They started to get their things together and Jared said he and Ryan were getting their "Michael Bolt-on". I didn't get it and said "You're going to see Michael Bolton??".. He explained to me the joke and said they were going to leave. *Duh* We said our goodbyes and for the next I'd say.. 2 WEEKS.. Jared was all that I talked about!

Encounter #3 -- February 23, 2002 -- Hollywood Knights bball game @ Agoura High There's a story behind this encounter.. I live about 2 hours *give or take half an hour with traffic* from Agoura Hills and my mom refused to let me drive the distance. I managed to convince a friend to take me to this game just so I could see Jared. We arrived early enough that we could snag great seats close to the stars. Jared was being mobbed the entire time, especially during the half time autograph signing. Of course I was one of the many girls crowding around Jared after the game. I wasn't able to talk to him then, but I stood outside the after party with some friends. One of them got in w/ an old V.I.P. pass she had, the other went in w/ a staff member, and there I was stuck outside with the rest of the teenyboppers. Riley Smith walked up and said he couldn't take me in with him, and some of my other buddies said they would try. Jared came and I told him my story about convincing a friend to drive me the 2 hours to see him, and that they all left me outside! So he just kinda grabbed me and took me in with him.. we just kept talking while walking thru the doors and no one said anything. He grabbed a table and I left him alone. Later on, my friend and I pulled him away, talked for awhile and took some pics with him and Ryan Merriman. Jared was summoned by some of the students to do some recordings for their morning announcements. When he was finished he sat down at the piano and started playing. I went and sat down to listen to him play.. he was really good! He posed for some pictures.. one is his "GQ pose" :) And we said our goodbyes again and parted ways.

Encounter #4 -- April 6, 2002 -- Hollywood Knights bball game @ Schurr High Originally there was a large group of us going to this game, but at the last minute everyone bailed and there were 2 of us left. After begging my mom to still let me go --she didn't want me going to this bad part of down with just one other girl-- she agreed and I was on my way, to let another game for Jared of course. I got a prime spot; front row behind the stars' chairs. I had tons of pinups and pictures of Jared ready and when he walked out he saw me, smiled and waved. Everyone around me kept trying to see who he was waving to.. I almost passed out from excitment! After nearly hyperventilating, the crowd realized it was me he waved to. When the team took their seats, Jared sat right in front of me, turned and said "hello" to me. Wow, I just about died right then and there. In between his turn to play, he would turn and we would chat... as he was going in one quarter, he pretended to throw his sweat towel at me and made a funny face. I said "What, you gonna throw that at me" jokinly. He asked if I wanted it and I said "yup" so he threw it at me. I know this may sound gross, but I smelled it and it smelled just like him and I treasured the thing! During the half time autographs, I pushed my way to the front and got up to Jared finally. I was able to take a picture with him, that turned out *perfect* might I add! He signed my picture and we talked for awhile. I finally got kicked out of the line for taking too long! LOL After the game I ran over to the after party area..and Jared came by and I asked him for 2 things.. He said "ok.." I had him sign my basketball and I asked for a second pic. He kinda laughed at me, saying that I already had so many. He took another pic and was on his way. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the night!

Encounter #5 -- April 20, 2002 -- Hollywood Knights bball game @ Whittier High Jared wasn't scheduled for this game so I was going to see Otown instead, but at the last minute he was confirmed. I was soo excited that I made a sign before I left that said "Go Jared!". I wasn't able to really talk to him at this game because of the craziness over Otown. I got up to Jared's table but was squashed between it and 400 other girls. Needless to say, I wasn't able to talk to him or get any pictures. After the game I was really upset and was waiting my turn behind Jared. I asked for a picture and he agreed but some girl totally pushed me out of the way. Security then took him away and I wasn't able to find him again. After searching for the after party for about half an hour, I finallyfound it but Jared had already left. That was the last time I saw him, and it had to be the worst encounter ever!! But he'll be back in California this August because Gilmore Girls is filming so who knows what could happen!

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