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The Jared Padalecki Obsession Quiz

Think you're the ultimate Jared Padalecki fan? Then try the Jared Junkie Obsession Quiz to find out how much of a "Jared Junkie" you are. (This script will automatically check your answers for you.)

1. What is Jared's favorite book?

The Great Gatsby
The Cathcher In The Rye
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Hobbit

2. What ER episode did he guest in?

A Bloody Mess
Hit and Run
Piece Of Mind
Chicago Heat

3. What are the names of Jared's parents?

Emily and Richard
Maggie and Sean
Beth and Jeff
Sherri and Jerry

4. What is Jared's hometown?

Dallas, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Austin, Texas
Houston, texas

5. What is Jared's favorite band?

The Calling
Pearl Jam

6. What high school did Jared graduate from?

James Madison High School
Jose Abad Santos Memorial School
Edward Xavier High School
John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School

7. What is the name of the character that Jared played on A Little Inside?

Paul Harris
Matt Nelson

8. Jared won the Claim To Fame Contest and was a presenter at which awards show?

MTV Movie Awards in 1999
MTV Video Music Awards in 1999
Teen Choice Awards in 1999
Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in 1999

9. Jared has the same manager as...

Freddie Prinze Jr.
Matt Damon
Sean William Scott
James Van Der Beek

10. What are the names of Jared's sibblings?

Abi and Glenn
Alex and Jennifer
Megan and Jeff
Chris and Jodie

11. Who is the hottest guy on Gilmore Girls? (remember, I am biased)

Jared Padalecki
Milo Ventimuglia
Chad Murray
Scott Patterson

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