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The Jared Padalecki Obsession Quiz

Are you obsessed with the Rory & Dean relationship? Do you wanna pulverize anyone and anything who gets in their way? Well then you better try the Rory and Dean Insatiable Obsession Quiz to find out just how big of a junkie you are... (This script will automatically check your answers for you.)

1. Where was Dean and Rory's first kiss?

Doose's Market, Aisle 3 (By the pest spray)
Doug's Market, Aisle 4 (By the cornstarch)
Drake's Market, Aisle 5 (By the mouse trap)
Devin's Market, Aisle 2 (By the vegetables)

2. What did Dean give Rory for her birthday?

A bracelet that he made
A locket with their pictures in it
A sweater which he knitted himself
A cake which he baked

3. What did Rory say when Dean kissed her?

She kissed him back
She was too stunned to talk
"Thank you"

4. Why did Rory and Dean break up?

Because Rory couldn't say "I love you"
Beacuse Beth came to Stars Hollow and got back together with Dean
Because Rory went out with Tristan
Because theings weren't working out anymore

5. Where was Dean from before he moved to Stars Hollow?


6. During their first kiss, Rory accidentally shop lifted what?

corn syrup
pop corn

7. When did Dean officially become Rory's boyfriend?

After their first kiss
After Dean gave Rory the bracelet
After the dance, where he "defended her honor"
After the "movie night" at Rory's house

8. What is/was Dean working on as a present for Rory?

a scrap book of their memories together
a car
an old doll house
a mix tape

9. Where did Dean and Rory make up?

At Rory's house
At Chilton
At Luke's Diner
At the supermarket

10. Who do you think Rory should date? (remember, I am biased)

None of them

coz it's all about the the cookies for the love and the dean and the cookies for the love and the dean...

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